Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Cure

rah! As mentioned earlier, I went to Hiroshima for the weekend, as well as Miyajima--an island right by Hiroshima. Everything about this 3 day trip was wonderful except the departure. Holy cow, so our shinkansen was set for 7 am which means we have to bounce out of our dorm by 6 am. The. Weather. Was. A. Bitch.
Our transparent umbrellas completely bent and went out of shape within 15 minutes of walking outside in the terrible mix of wind, rain, and grumpy gray clouds.

Food in Hiroshima is basically Okonomiyaki, but mos def no complaints on that. This city, like Nagasaki was also full of trolleys?/trams which made stops at countless historical areas. The Historical Museum was packed, PACKED with foreigners from all over the world. Other than that, this city was a great walking/strolling city.

Miyajima...Miyajima...taking the ferry to get there reminded me how easily I can get sea sick by just sitting in the opposite direction of the boat, ok anyway. THIS WAS THE FIRST DAY from the past 4-5 weeks where I had absolutely no stomach pains for the whole day. The weather was gorgeous, the town wasn't too cramped with tourists, the biking around was calming, the bambis were chill and cool, and the Momiji Manjyu was divine. THe whole environment just hits you with the fact that you're really in Japan. *Miyajima > Kyoto , I'm sorry. That's just how it goes.

The MoF*ckn Bridge at Iwakuni. It's titled the Kintai Kyo--Brocade Sash Bridge. Once again, the scenery just blew your mind away and let you know that you were for sure living and breathing in Japan.

Now back at home, things are honestly back to crap again. But that'll all be over when my legs break off my body after this Sunday's Tokyo Marathon.

Days until Marathon: 4
Days until I see my parents: 4 (yes, they are flying out and cheering me on)

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  1. Those pictures are breathtaking! I really need to travel around Japan more before I have to peace it back to the states.