Monday, March 23, 2009

Air Salonpas

That. Was. A. fckn. Task.

First of all, I would like to thank all the spectators who were voluntarily handing out chocolates/candies/sweets throughout the whole marathon course. Personally I think the Tokyo Marathon committee gave out way too little refreshments, so additional help from the public was truly a lifesaver. Second, shout out to Erica, Lily, Charles, NOT hanna, NOT jeremy and masaya, my mom's friend, and my Mom for coming out. I swear every random moment I saw someone I knew--whether it was my mom or Brian on the other side of the course, it pushed me to run faster than where I was currently--so props to you guys.

5 hours and 52 minutes. Within that time, I peed, stopped and walked every time the Marathon committee handed out water/food, and posed for my mom's camera. I was also placed in the last starting block group, which forced us to start at least 10? minutes after the starting gunshot. So the Tokyo Marathon is about 26 miles = 42 km. For some odd reason the first 15 km was a b*tch and then from 20-30 km it was a breeze, where I was giving high fives to way too many strangers and smiling for no reason. AND THEN. and then, it started showering around 35 km then mad rain with rapid wind 40-42 km till ze end.

To keep my mind off the pain while running, I judged the other runners based on their appearance. Not cool? Let me elaborate. There were obviously a lot of runners dressed up in costumes from Spiderman to an Eggplant, but there was Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause. They ran as a couple with a elastic bracelet attached on their arms with the reason of being--the wife is blind. There was also a group of middle aged men, just running together and joking around with each other and to a lot of random spectators. And then there were 60-70 year old grandmas and grandpas just hauling ass, doing what they could. How? That was the kind of stuff going through my head during the course.

After somehow successfully getting back to my dorm, I was at the point where my body was screaming when I just had to walk to the bathroom.

But today?
2 words. = Air Salonpas

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  1. Damn tina, BALLIN'. you've inspired me to do a marathon myself, although i don't know if i ever will.