Saturday, May 16, 2009

wtf is a Mountain Crone

Crapload of schoolwork this week, but I will take a brizzeak!

Yesterday my mom's friend brought me to the Tokyo Noh Theatre. Noh is the origin of kabuki and traditional Japanese performing arts. The theater itself was amazing because the setup was completely different from your usual stage, plus the actors all walk SUPER SLOWLY for their entrance and exit. The day I went was "Oni-Gawara"/The Demon-Faced Tile and "Yamamba"/The Mountain Crone (Japanese mythological creature). I will admit that I fell asleep within the first 4 minutes and took 2 naps in the beginning of the performance, but this was also one of the rare times I appreciated being half-Japanese. The huge impact of historic Japanese culture used within the actor's language and script was honestly colorful and beautiful. Either way, I felt like I saw Japan all over again! :)

Quick shady picture of part of the theater since cameras weren't allowed:

A Mountain Crone...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


After 2 hours of Japanese homework (1 hour of figuring out the furigana of kanji I didn't know by doodling on my nintendo DS), I went to work out.

6:30-8 Hip Hop Jazz
8-9:30 Jazz
9:30-11 Pilates

I <3 Life.

Oh, and congrats to one of my dorm-mate for just getting engaged to a Japanese native!! (freaky thing is he's my age)

Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You

1.) You pluck your eyebrows.
2.) You wear heels on your shoes/sometimes even boots.
3.) You have a hairstyle consisting of tails and other fancy crap. Straightening your hair?!
4.) You go to tanning salons.
5.) You have One pierced ear instead of 2, and if you feel like it--you wear dangly charms or something flashy/barf.
6.) You wear too much jewelry.
7.) You don't hold doors for girls--any girls.
8.) Your average male height in this country is 5'7''.
9.) You need to get over the fear of embarrassment. Man up, have some ballz, where's the swag.
10.) But mostly, I shouldn't have started this at all because I'm a mess even back in the States.

~this was dedicated to Japanese guys in general

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Salmon & Spinach @ Shimoda

Since this past Friday, Golden Week has been going on--which in my case, means I only have one day of school this week on Thursday :). A lot has been going on since this break has happened because Ryan came to visit from Kyoto, however last night was personally kinda big for me.

I moved into my Keio dorm in September but never used my Kitchen to cook, or even eat at the common tables, hell I didn't even watch TV in the lounge. But for some reason I was talking to Fred recently (floor-mate from Belgium) and when he heard that I didn't like French cuisine, he wanted me to try his Salmon cream dish with potatoes. ANNNDD THENN that connects to last night, where a bunch of us worked together from buying ingredients, chopping, cooking, yada yada...and it was GREAT. The salmon with leek in the cream was something I definitely would not have eaten at home, plus the Cream spinach/onion soup that Ayano made was new and incredibly good too. We gathered about 10 people into our 4th floor lounge, and as my first time embracing my lounge--I couldn't have asked for a better way.

Just made me realize how much of a change this year has been...and that I don't want to go back home to forever again.