Thursday, March 12, 2009

10 Days to Go

so I'm kinda mad right pretty furious. Maybe not the best time to blog, but I Do What I Want.

I will not get into detail of my current mood because adding stress and talking about it is Not something that my stomach needs at this moment. On a happier note, I am gonna peace out to Hiroshima/Miyajima this weekend with my R.A./friend from my dorm, Ayano. For my American readers, Hiroshima is the main Japanese city that was attacked by the atomic bomb during WW II. So w00t to that.

Last night when I came back from shopping with Erica (this girl is a curse when shopping), I found a colorful bag hanging on my door handle. Turns out, there was a bouquet of flowers inside...haha lemme explain. This past week I have been helping my RA with her application to study abroad in France, and she needed to turn in a Japanese, English, and French personal statement. She asked me to help on her English paper, and we really churned it and nailed it after lotsa drafts. So yeah, it was an extremely sweet way of saying thank you. Just an FYI, the only time I've gotten a bouquet of flowers my entire life was from my mom at the end of dance performances. Now you know how widely I was smiling when the flower surprise occurred.

Countdown: 10 more days until Tokyo Marathon
Number of hours I ran today: 2
Number of miles: I don't give a Hoot. (like 10)

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  1. but you didn't say what you were mad about!! and now i'm curious.

    so, updates on me.. i'm going to 'participate' in the marathon.. if that means walking 1 mile and then getting kicked off, well, that's what i'll do!

    see you at reg?