Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Since mid-summer when I first moved here, I have had deathly painful stomachaches which I always blamed on my period. Nah. Turns out I have had stomach ulcers from the clash of "foreign country syndrome" (from carolyn loo)and stress. To be exact, my first major one was in August with just homesick-ness and new individuals, and then a minor one in early December right after the Mita Festival with my dance circle. I guess the current one really got to me with a mixture of overwhelming amounts of unneeded packaged food consumption plus the dance circle. It has been going on and off for about a month now, but super heavy and hard hitting these past 2 weeks.

Along with my daily dose of Ester-C, Cod Liver Oil, and Zinc vitamins, I have 3 more pill friends to add, according to the doctor. THREE FCKN PILLS for a stomach problem built on stress that I brought on myself.
I'm gonna go shopping now, bye.

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