Saturday, May 2, 2009

Salmon & Spinach @ Shimoda

Since this past Friday, Golden Week has been going on--which in my case, means I only have one day of school this week on Thursday :). A lot has been going on since this break has happened because Ryan came to visit from Kyoto, however last night was personally kinda big for me.

I moved into my Keio dorm in September but never used my Kitchen to cook, or even eat at the common tables, hell I didn't even watch TV in the lounge. But for some reason I was talking to Fred recently (floor-mate from Belgium) and when he heard that I didn't like French cuisine, he wanted me to try his Salmon cream dish with potatoes. ANNNDD THENN that connects to last night, where a bunch of us worked together from buying ingredients, chopping, cooking, yada yada...and it was GREAT. The salmon with leek in the cream was something I definitely would not have eaten at home, plus the Cream spinach/onion soup that Ayano made was new and incredibly good too. We gathered about 10 people into our 4th floor lounge, and as my first time embracing my lounge--I couldn't have asked for a better way.

Just made me realize how much of a change this year has been...and that I don't want to go back home to forever again.

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