Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You

1.) You pluck your eyebrows.
2.) You wear heels on your shoes/sometimes even boots.
3.) You have a hairstyle consisting of tails and other fancy crap. Straightening your hair?!
4.) You go to tanning salons.
5.) You have One pierced ear instead of 2, and if you feel like it--you wear dangly charms or something flashy/barf.
6.) You wear too much jewelry.
7.) You don't hold doors for girls--any girls.
8.) Your average male height in this country is 5'7''.
9.) You need to get over the fear of embarrassment. Man up, have some ballz, where's the swag.
10.) But mostly, I shouldn't have started this at all because I'm a mess even back in the States.

~this was dedicated to Japanese guys in general


  1. LOL these are so funny and sadly so often true