Saturday, May 16, 2009

wtf is a Mountain Crone

Crapload of schoolwork this week, but I will take a brizzeak!

Yesterday my mom's friend brought me to the Tokyo Noh Theatre. Noh is the origin of kabuki and traditional Japanese performing arts. The theater itself was amazing because the setup was completely different from your usual stage, plus the actors all walk SUPER SLOWLY for their entrance and exit. The day I went was "Oni-Gawara"/The Demon-Faced Tile and "Yamamba"/The Mountain Crone (Japanese mythological creature). I will admit that I fell asleep within the first 4 minutes and took 2 naps in the beginning of the performance, but this was also one of the rare times I appreciated being half-Japanese. The huge impact of historic Japanese culture used within the actor's language and script was honestly colorful and beautiful. Either way, I felt like I saw Japan all over again! :)

Quick shady picture of part of the theater since cameras weren't allowed:

A Mountain Crone...

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