Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've been on spring break since Jan 22, and finally started school today...April 8 woot woot.
Hm I'm gonna apologize beforehand if I in any case hurt whoever happens to be reading this, but something I just have an urge to share about. Most students are super giddy and antz in my pantz excited during the beginning stages of our study abroad time right? Yeh. So today's the first day of class, and I evesdropped on 2 international kids sitting behind me. One of them kept repeating themselves saying being abroad has been so amazing and their best decision in life so far, the people are incredibly nice here, I've yet to meet an evil soul here, etc etc...Oooooh man haha, I felt so sorry for both of them. You've been here what...TWO WEEKS?!

crap I just accidentally sneezed on my computer and forgot to close my mouth, and now my screen's all rainbow reflected and shiny. I'll do this next time bah.

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