Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1:30 a.mmmmm

First of all, congrats a million times to CADC on taking 2nd place at this past weekend's Fusion competition.
3 more months till I see all your crazy faces, dizzam.

This post is not really gonna be an update, sorry sorry. I'm talking to Brian right now and we are just remembering the earlier times of our EAP study abroad program. The summer was soooo chill/good/perfect, Great schedule. I honestly miss going out with like literally 10 people from EAP everyday at around 4/5 p.m. to go run/ultimate frisbee/soccer. And ugh the 3 minute walk to the station from our mansion, the Lawson's right by our building. The Daiei just 5 minutes away. THE BIG PARK WITH LIGHTS ON AT NIGHT.

Tomorrow I go to a ball game. this was pointless. it's 1:30 am. But I get to see Darvish tomorrow.


  1. hope he cut his hair.

  2. DARVISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

    :O !!!